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I’ve Moved. I’m a Freak.

Y’all are gonna’ KILL me……

I’m moving domains. Again.

It’s all good. Except for the feeds and blogrolls (cringe). Sorry. Again.

But we’re movin’ on UP.

Grab a box and click here. I’m moving to www.shejusthadtosayit.com

I’ve finally got my own piece of the pie!

she knew she would live to regret it

I did it. I mailed the prize packages this afternoon. I figured it was best to go ahead and just get it over with, rather than lament, mourn and delay the inevitable.

But it was not easy. The enemy did NOT make it easy.

The package arrived from Anne Taintor this morning. I opened it and lovingly drooled all over it fingered each individual item as I contemplated the agony of having to part with it all. The torment was too much to bear. I knew I needed to get it out of my house before I tore into it all, slapped all the magnets up on my frig, doodled in the notebook and starting making lists on the notepad…..

The temptation to keep it was too intense to have hanging over my head.

Knowing how cold hearted inconvenient the post office is, I decided to cough up the few extra dollars to ship everything from the UP*S Store. I knew they would handle me gently in my fragile state were more convenient, and I was looking to have the prize stripped from me shipped as efficiently as possible so I could just be done with it. And move on.

But their MARK-UP?! Are you kidding me?! The insensitivity, people. Do not mistake the UP*S Store as a place to find compassion. They’ll gouge you as deeply as they can with a syrupy smile plastered on their face the whole time.

Well, I’d HAD it. Here I was in a vulnerable position and I just couldn’t abide being kicked while I was down anymore loss.

I paid for my overpriced envelopes and clearly stated that no amount of convenience was worth a veritable mortgage payment. SOR. RY.

And I went to the post office. Do y’all see how committed I am to my integrity?? (Honey – are you reading? I went to the post office to save money.)

I do want to apologize to That Girl, Frantically Simple and Beyond Mom for the hideous packaging. The postal lady TACK-I-FIED it with stamps. She called it “giving them a little taste of spring” – but every classy bone in my body was screeching, “Do you not understand the value of the contents in your hands?! Anne would never, never approve.” I mean, the neat packaging job I’d done was desecrated in one fell swoop. For real. I’m so sorry. I’m so embarrassed.

But I saved money.

So I’m over it.

And One Thing – Sweet One Thang, I’m sorry for the effort you are going to have to put forth to get into your box. The same postage lady double boxed the package so I could get the flat rate priority rate. (Which makes no sense. We ADDED weight, but paid LESS?!) It’s ironic, no? Since when does the government help you save money? The UP*S Store has nothing on the United States Postal Service.

Maybe one of your little helpers will enjoy opening it. I swear it’s all in there. I didn’t just wrap a box inside a box inside a box….. although now I’m wishing I had thought of it. Because really?? All you did to earn this outstanding prize package was leave a lousy comment. That hardly seems fair.

And while I’m on the topic of likely completely offending you, I’d like to ask you to reconsider the BFF thing… because I really do love you. When I made that comment, I really had no idea how lovely you would be in your “lavender haze of Anne Taintor love…..” I mean, you’ve almost made me feel good about the GIVE-AWAY part of this give-away. And that – well, that is worthy of BFF status.

Anyway. It’s gone. It’s done. And if you start to wonder why I’m not blogging as regularly……….. well, the counseling is going to take up a good bit of time each day….. But I’ll get over it.

Whatever Will I Do?

Ahhhh.. the beauty of home schooling.

There are several. Beauties. But the one that keeps me SANE is our three weeks on/ one week off schedule. It makes for a short summer, but it’s worth it to have regular breaks. Our last break was the week the nephs were in the house. Not going back there – but if YOU want to, click here and keep reading until the “In Which I Appease My Inner Voice” post.

Anyway. We’re off this week. GUH-LORY!

It’s an important week to be off. I need to spend a lot of time in counseling preparing for the arrival of my Mother on Thursday night. I’ve got security measures to put in place this week, now that I have things to protect y’all.

Here’s the short list. I’m not even kidding.

• Establish a new desktop user. You know, one without my blog email server, Firefox bookmarks, etc. (Because Frank Abagnale Mother WILL ask to use my computer. She always does.)

• Create Auto-posts for Friday and Saturday, because we’ve already established that it’s not in my nature to abandon my readers. And I will NOT be logging on.

• Etc. And may I just point out how HUGE that ETC. really is? Because my Mother is coming and did I really just abbreviate etcetera in context to my MOTHER? *snort*

And, I’ve also got to…..

• ENJOY my children. They need me this week. And I need them. I am grateful for the extra time to connect with them.

• Restore some order to my house, which really should be ready for showings. Except that we haven’t HAD any showings.

• Rest. Listen. Receive. The Holy Spirit had my number in church yesterday when He practically screamed at audibly spoke to me, “Shut up and listen, already”. You know the call. Reproachful, yet gentle and loving. I’m so glad God doesn’t “do” condemnation. My time with the Lord has taken back seat to the rest of life, including this blog. (gulp) Ahhhh, my black heart didn’t even put this at the top of the list where it belongs.


I gotta’ confess….. (and I can do that because this is anonymous and the home school office isn’t reading) While I’m feeling like I NEED this break, I do not feel like I have EARNED it based on my home schooling efforts of late. I have basically sucked at that part of my job description since February.

I don’t know if it’s the blog, the winter slump, my loss of vision for home schooling, our unusually out-of-control schedule, or a combination of the four, but I’ve lost it. We’ve remained faithful in the core stuff, and my Nina is done with her standardized testing. Lover Boy is preparing for his. But I really want to finish well. So, I’ve got this week to get my act together for the last four week stretch.

I mean, every year we go through a post-Holiday slump, but this is different. And it leads me to believe God is calling us out of this hard core home schooling season. Which means He’s preparing us for a new season, and since He does all things well, I’m finding myself feeling less guilty and more excited about it.

Hubby is out of town, so that gives me even more time to (and fewer excuses not to) crank out a productive week.

I wonder what the Lord has in store….

The Purest Voice

Worship this morning was kickin’.

It generally is. The Worship Arts team at our church consists of some terrifically gifted and outstanding musicians. It is a blessing and a privilege, to be sure. And most importantly, while excellence is a priority, it is never moreso than remembering Who we worship, rather than the music itself.

I am regularly moved on Sunday mornings as we are ushered into the presence of God through music, praise and worship. There is a sweet communion of song and voice as we corporately lift up our hearts to the Father and give Him His rightful place.

All of that is HUGE, but of particular consequence is a the precious voice of a little girl who leads worship without even knowing it. Every week.

Debra has Downs Syndrome, always sits on the front row alone and loves to sing. Her precious voice, though off key and sometimes a beat behind, literally rises up like a sweet offering to her Lord. From her very lips, God has indeed ordained His praise.

Psalm 8:2

From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise

Y’all, when that winsome sound falls on my ears, I am humbled. I am humbled by its purity. I am humbled by her countenance and her heart for her Jesus.

And, I am humbled by my own ugly pride. (embarrassed sigh)

I would willingly trade my own for such a voice. I would quickly exchange a voice that is decent (on a good day), but not always pure for one like Debra’s that is innocent and unskilled.

Because guess which is better, sweeter, more acceptable, received? The one ordained for His glory.

I swear that each time I hear it, I have to get a grip on myself. It is the most tender, pure voice I know in that place. Her utterance grounds me, reminds me why we have come, and admonishes me to repent of my sin and praise my Jesus with a pure heart of my own.

Psalm 51:15-17

15 O Lord, open my lips, and my mouth will declare your praise.

16 You do not delight in sacrifice, or I would bring it; you do not take pleasure in burnt offerings.

17 The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise.

Debra’s not on the vocal team. But she leads. Oh, does that girl ever lead.

Because every week, she faithfully, yet unknowingly models a contrite heart in that place that draws others to Her Savior.  Including myself.

Come, Lord Jesus, inhabit the praise of your people.

I’ve Just Got to Say It Saturday

I’m taking this opportunity to share a little sweet bloggy love. Link love, that is. Because, that’s what it’s all about, right?

Favorite bloggy reads this week:

Pixie has a new “ex” – And I Thought I Was the Drama Queen. Well done, girl.

Take 90 West disturbed me with her rabbit story. I gasped. Her first foray into Abercrombie & Fitch made me laugh out loud.

Another shout-out to my design team, See My Designs by Shauna and DCR Designs.

Jenni from One Thing has new digs. I’m still waiting for my margarita. Take a number. (Ooh – this just in!! Jenni WON my giveaway! I had to award two runner-ups for two entries that did not win, but should have. Prizes are on their way. And I’m in counseling for it.)

Chinese Take-Away is on the scene. Lanxi won my blog makeover giveaway, and I LOVE how it turned out!

Can’t wait to see what y’all come up with next week! Bring it!

I Can Do (sob)… All Things (sob)…

…through Christ (sob)….. Who strengthens me. (uncontrollable weeping)

Soliloquy wept.

That’s scriptural, y’all. Okay, not really.

Half of it is, though.

Remember the little Anne Taintor give-away? The one I made such a big deal about? The one that brought me all those glorious hits comments?

I changed my mind. I’m keeping it, Anne Taintor style.

“buy your own damn prize” *snort*

Thanks for commenting anyway.

(Walking away)

“Hm? What? What would Anne think? I don’t know……. Dang. Do you think she would revoke my BFF status over something so minor as LOVING her stuff so much I couldn’t bring myself to give it away?”

OH. ALRIGHT. You can have it. Stupid prize giveaway.

So here’s how I considered selecting a winner.

1. The best comment from those who said their favorite caption was the same as Anne’s. (And I quote.)
“Oh gosh… my favorites change all the time… But my newest favorite is “she was one cocktail away from proving his mother right”.”

2. Hubby wanted to give it to Frantically Simple for her comment. Really. Because she was the only one to thank him for funding the giveaway. *snort*

But the rules clearly stated RANDOM. So, after the RANDOM draw, there will be two runner-up prizes (an Anne Taintor book) based on the above criteria. Because I am nothing, if not generous.

The RANDOM winner is Jenni!

I’m really happy for you and everything, but you understand we can never be BFF’s. The rules clearly stated that I am a jealous, covetous woman who cannot rejoice with others in their Anne Taintor victories.

But whatever.

Our runners-up are:

1. Anne’s favorite caption: JennyDecki

I’m in LOVE!

My favorite quote is, “she was one cocktail away from proving his mother right” – yes, in case you hadn’t guessed I do not live in the blissful world of InLaws that love me )

Can I prove I was meant to win this prize (and read your blog, SO glad I found you!) by showing you mine…. http://beyondmom.com

Seriously, look at my style. I designed my blog. Well except for the actual images, I can’t draw like Redbook, sadly, or I’d be an artist. But my soul is crying out for this prize.

I hoist my martini glass to you True Soliloquy for bringing me to your blog as well as to you Anne Taintor, you are both amazing!

2. Hubby’s choice: Frantically Simple

Thanks for making me do that! She’s the artist I never knew I loved so much. Totally awesome. )
I had a hard time deciding on a favorite, but last night’s dinner had more than it’s fair share of whining so I’ll go with: you’ll eat it…you’ll eat it and like it.
Thanks to you (and the Mr.) for such a generous giveaway.

Congrats, blah blah blah.

Y’all have three minutes days to contact me me with shipping information and I’ll consider sending your prizes. Otherwise the rules clearly state that the prize defaults to me the next random winner.

(For real this time.)


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